Peace Building

For over 20 years, millions of South Sudanese have been affected by fragility and conflict — a majority of which is under the age of 30. Through our peace building program, we advance just and durable peace by supporting innovative and collaborative approaches and policies for conflict prevention, management, transformation and strengthening constituencies for conflict transformation and durable peace. We strive for meaningful participation of young people in peace building in South Sudan. We create a space for youths from different ethnic backgrounds in Upper Nile State who have been isolated and divided by decades of civil war to come together. We help them to interconnect and build their capacity to initiate and facilitate community dialogues with local stakeholders changing mindsets inherited from the war. Successful engagement contributes to the capacity and readiness of local communities to deepen peace and development opportunities brought about by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

We use various peacebuilding tools including:

Sport For Peace: Sport For Peace promotes a sense of understanding and unity that transcends the divides found in typical day-to-day life in conflict communities. Sport For Peace has an important role to play in providing a space for opposing groups to meet each other in a neutral location, a “safe space,” with pre-defined rules and set codes of behaviour. It allows social contact between communities in which relationships have been severed through war and other forms of destructive conflict, helping children and youth overcome negative images and stereotypes about those who have different abilities, religions, and backgrounds to build acceptance and tolerance.

Arts For Peace: UNYDA’s Arts For Peace serves to unite South Sudanese that have been affected by fragility and conflict. Arts For Peace are effective both for psycho-social healing after violence and trauma, and for building trust, developing respect, and ensuring inclusion across previously divided ethnic groups.

Advocacy For Peace: From print, social, and broadcast media to marches, and special community events, UNYDA works to build support amongst different groups for change in local community, starting at the grassroots.

Dialogue For Peace: UNYDA’s Dialogue For Peace facilitates effective intra- and inter-group sessions with older youth and adults, deepening understanding and supporting changes in personal perceptions and relationships.

Empowerment For Peace: By creating and putting on activities that build the life skills and capacities of youth and adults who are trapped in conflict due to lack of power, influence, economic status, or specific vulnerabilities, these programmes equip participants with what they need to break cycles of conflict in their daily lives.