Food Security and Livelihoods

We build the resilience of women, men, and youth in Upper Nile – South Sudan by protecting and strengthening their ability to withstand environmental and conflict related disasters and shocks.

We expand and enhance existing fishing and farming practices to increase local food production in ways that are more adaptive to climate and environmental risks. Our activities include: irrigation schemes, vegetable production, livestock rearing, and fisheries which encourage collective actions and contribute to strengthening and diversifying livelihoods in the medium to long term. We also support various Income Generating Activities (IGAs) including bread-making, carpentry, brick-laying, soap making, craft-making and blacksmiths.

 Peace Building

For over 20 years, millions of South Sudanese have been affected by fragility and conflict — a majority of which is under the age of 30. Through our peace building program,  we advance just and durable peace by supporting innovative and collaborative approaches and policies for conflict prevention, management, and transformation and st

rengthening constituencies for conflict transformation and durable peace. We strive for meaningful participation of young people in peace building in South Sudan.

We create a space for youths from different ethnic backgrounds in Upper Nile State who have been isolated and divided by de

cades of civil war to come together. We help them to interconnect and build their capacity to initiate and facilitate community dialogues with local stakeholders changing mindsets inherited from the war. Successful engagement contributes to the capacity and readiness of local communities to deepen peace and development opportunities brought about by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.


Capacity Development for Youth Organizations

This program is aimed at enhancing the ability of our member organisations to perform functions, solve problems and set and achieve objectives in a sustainable manner.

Public Health and Ecology

Our public health program aims to improve the quality of life through supporting efforts for prevention and treatment of diseases, including mental health. We do this through the promotion of healthy behaviors and supporting common public health initiatives including promoting WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), campaigns for vaccinations, psychosocial support and interventions for controlling the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Ecology focus is on Natural Resource Management (NRM); a broad category of activities focused on improving how people interact with and use their natural environment. Our livelihoods oriented NRM tends to focus more on sustainable economic development based on the range of resources available to a community. We take a “people-oriented” approach to NRM that allows communities to be informed and make their own decisions concerning their livelihoods and the management of their resources.