UNYDA supports expansion and enhancement of existing fishing and farming practices to increase local food production in ways that are more adaptive to climate and environmental risks. Our activities include: staple food production, collective irrigation, vegetable production, livestock rearing, and fisheries which encourage collective actions and contribute to strengthening and diversifying livelihoods in the medium to long term. We also support various Income Generating Activities (IGAs) including bread-making, grinding mills, carpentry, brick-laying, soap making, craft-making, and blacksmiths among others

Gender Justice

In South Sudan, women and girls lack decision-making power at household and community levels. Additionally, women and girls are highly vulnerable to gender-based violence (GBV). They are targeted for rape, abduction, forced marriage and sexual slavery. Even in their homes, women and children are often subject to acts of GBV perpetrated by their husbands and fathers.

Public Health and Ecology

Our public health program aims to improve the quality of life through supporting efforts for prevention and treatment of diseases, including mental health. We do this through the promotion of healthy behaviors and supporting common public health initiatives including promoting WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), participating in campaigns for vaccinations, psychosocial support and interventions for controlling the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.


UNYDA works with local communities to address social cohesion issues. This work helps to repair the social fabric and build trust among conflicted or competing communities. Examples of this work has included strengthening community governance structures at payam and county levels, sports for peace programs, conducting reconciliation activities, conducting trainings on human rights and good …

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Providing adequate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services is a key public health challenge in South Sudan.

Peace Building

For over 20 years, millions of South Sudanese have been affected by fragility and conflict — a majority of which is under the age of 30. Through our peace building program, we advance just and durable peace by supporting innovative and collaborative approaches and policies for conflict prevention, management, transformation and strengthening constituencies for conflict …

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