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Partner with UNYDA

UNYDA is always looking to enhance its capacity, reach and impact through strong partnerships with domestic and international partners.

UNYDA is seeking:

  • International outreach and awareness raising;
  • Fundraising support internationally;
  • Capacity building and training for our team;
  • Individual and corporate donors – both domestic and international.

We would be grateful to hear from any prospective partner that wishes to work with us and build a stronger, sustainable tomorrow for our beneficiaries,  

You can reach us at /


UNYDA also accepts local and international volunteers for a specified period as per the HR policy. Usually, these provide skills and services to UNYDA on a voluntary basis. Volunteers will normally not be remunerated for the time they spend with UNYDA. UNYDA may give suitable assignments and tasks to such volunteers as per the Volunteers or Internship Policy.

 Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

Cover Letter

Current CV

Academic Documents

Recommendation Letter

Please send the application to Programs Manager at this email address: